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best wishes to all in 2014!

Finally, here is your new updated website, with all my recent paintings. Because of a health issue last year, I have switched from painting in oils to acrylics. I am enjoying the lightness, and playfulness of them, and the acrylics translate wonderfully my love for bold, bright color. I am continuing to enjoy painting outdoors on location, as well as exploring some figure painting and studio work.

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Settling into my home in rural Llano San Juan, I find I am delving deeper into my own self. Solitude and silence seem to be most rejuvenating for me. Being easily overstimulated, I don’t spend much time in town, or go to social events, watch TV, or engage in social media. I am really allowing myself not to be swept up by the push of society to be totally accessible instantly; more, better and faster; preferring instead to being quiet and still, and allowing. I will not be teaching any workshops this year (sorry!) but will be focusing on my own creative process. I will be having my annual show in Tucson, AZ at Jane Hamilton Fine Art February 21, 2014. I will have a booth at the Rio Grande Arts Festival March 7,8, and 9th in Albuquerque, NM.

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I will also be participating in the High Road Studio Tour September 20 & 21, and 27 & 28th 2014. This is a great opportunity for all to come visit me at my studio/yurt in Llano San Juan and see my home and studio, and my yurt full of recent paintings. Northern New Mexico is SPECTACULAR at this time of year, with all the old time ranchers haying their fields, autumn colors just starting, the very air full of the richness of harvest time. AND! Check out my art in the La Posada Hotel in Santa Fe, on East Palace Ave. Beautiful place, and Sara Eyestone, the art curator there, gives a talk every Friday evening about art and what to see in Santa Fe.

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Peace and Joy No Matter What,

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